Janie Michael

I've offered sessions in sacred sexuality and intimacy in the United States since 2009. The work I do with people is the result of an intention I've held for years to awaken and inspire aliveness, truth and joy in both myself and others. We can indeed have an intimate life of deep and abiding enjoyment, one that shame, blame and guilt cannot hinder.

Private sessions with me are honoring, authentic and transforming. I work with individuals who want to utilize intimacy and sexual energy for deeper, richer, communion with self, others, love and life. Sessions with me are also a celebration of pleasure, an honoring of the sacred body and a time and space to explore intimacy and connection.

After experiencing my first Latihan 13 years ago, I realized that I had a lot of emotional heaviness around my sexuality but also a strong curiosity. I wondered what it would be like to experience sexual joy; to have the lightness and joy I felt during Latihan in my sexual and sensual experiences. What would it be like to slow down and experience pleasure throughout my body, instead of pleasure as a quick, contracted, fleeting experience? And what about emotions? Could they be embraced rather than treated as an obstacle? How would my experience of sex be if I was able to fully relax?

If you find yourself having the same kind of questions, I'm happy to be your guide! My sessions combine devotional, pleasurable, sensual touch, Latihan, and emotional release work with a powerful guided inquiry process. I find that many of my clients seek me out because they experience a division or gap between love and sex. This work addresses that gap, by making conscious and transforming whatever is in the way of having a profound connection between love and sexuality and enjoying the full, ecstatic embodiment of pleasure.

If you are interested in working with me, or have any questions, please email me at essencepoetica@gmail.com and introduce yourself.

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